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To all strive for our betters on a daily basis through mind, body, and soul by learning together how to eat, live, get outside, and find ourselves in the best way possible.

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Jarod Contreras

Our trails, our journeys, are fraught with challenges and joys, but amongst them we can find peace amongst the chaos. Throughout these 18 years of life that I have lived I believe that adventure has taught me what it means to live fully. I have adventured everywhere from mountains and rivers to the kitchen and the meditation cushion. An adventure does not need to be Everest, but the desire to experience life must come from within. I am young yes, but I have learned much in these years of ultrarunning, meditating, practicing yoga, cooking vegan meals, and living my life.

The focus of my life has always been to live truthfully to who I am. In San Pedro, a small working class town in coastal Los Angeles, it is a very rare thing for someone to want to live their life truthfully to themselves. I have always set out to be the example and while I haven't always run or meditated or been vegan, I have always sought to live my truest life.

I am an ultrarunner which means that I run extremely far on trails which can lead people to think that I am crazy, but in suffering out on the dirt I have learned that individuality and confidence in your loves will get you through society's ridicule or confusion. I am also vegan, another point of shock with some people. I also meditate. I also practice yoga. These are the loves of my life, they have shaped me into who I am today. My family has facilitated this love of adventure and healthy living within me, we are a team that helps shape each other into our best selves.

What I have learned with my family is really what I do with this website, to help all those I can to be shaped into their best selves. Please join me in this journey, it will be the wildest ride of your life.

Go far, go further.



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