Trails. Sweat. Blood. Pain. Suffering. Heat. Cold. Running. I'm inspired by it, find myself in it, and love it. Through my time out on the trails and in the mountains I've learned countless lessons and experienced hundreds of adventures. This website is about me, trail running, and everything else important to me, including veganism and mindfulness. To me living life is about being the best person I can be and running trails is a huge step towards that. I am a vegan trail runner who lives on the coast of LA in Southern California and I hope to share my adventures with you and inspire you to go out and do some for your own.

My Accomplishments:

  • 2017 Sean O'Brien 100k, 15:18:12
  • 2016 Bulldog 50k, 6:14:17
  • 2016 Mammoth Family Trip
    • Duck Pass
    • Mammoth Pass
    • Mammoth Peak (via Dragon's Back Trail)
  • 2016 Bishop Peak, 3 times
  • 2015 Whoo's in El Moro 50k, 7:37:37
  • 2015 John Muir Trail, Yosemite Valley-Red's Meadows
  • 2015 Grand Canyon, Bright Angel Trail-Phantom Ranch-South Kaibob Trail
  • 2015 Wildwood Trail, Forest Park