"When you get stuck on the plan and say, 'Oh my gosh this isn't the plan,' that's when the wheels start to fall off and things start to fall apart. Where if you are able to flex and morph with the plan, that's where I think success comes in." I am so humbled to have Krissy Moehl on for this episode. She has always been an inspiration and to be able to talk with her is a privilege. One thing that is especially important to me in my life is the John Muir Trail and the Sierra Nevada. Krissy set the FKT on the Tahoe Rim Trail this past year in 2015 and attempted an FKT on the JMT in 2014. So it was very enlightening to discuss those to exploits with her, for my own edification and for yours. So I truly hope you enjoy this episode as we discuss training, nutrition, the mountains, failure, and of course success. Thank you, be better. Krissy's wonderful new book Running Your First Ultra available on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Running-Your-First-Ultra-Customizable/dp/1624141420  


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