From the California-Oregon border you can travel 453 brutal miles to Washington along the infamous Pacific Crest Trail. And a three man team of experienced ultrarunners Yassine Diboun, Scott Loughney, and Travis Liles will attempt to complete those 453 mountainously inspiring miles in under 7 days and 22 hours, the current FKT, on July 16, this Saturday. Wish them luck!

I had a great chat with Yassine, who is a friend of mine and actually my second podcast guest ever, on the plan for this adventure, gear, nutrition, training, and balance. If you want to better understand what it takes to train and plan to cross a state in a week, then listen to this episode! Everything from the pack he will have on his back to what kind of functional exercises he did in preparation is discussed and I hope it will motivate you to go out and break that comfort zone again and again. Enjoy!

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