"I think in ultrarunning sometimes when we put a huge goal out there and have a huge goal race or huge FKT and we train & train and we accomplish it, it actually rewrites our story & it resets our priorities and our thoughts about what's possible and frankly who we are. It resets what's important to us and it can really shift our whole arc of our lives and our destiny and put us back on the path of our destiny instead of our fate."

Karl Hoagland is an amazingly tough dude and someone that has been on my radar for a long time. Ever since he gave me my first writing gig about a year ago, an article about my experiences as a 16 year old ultrarunner. It was an amazing opportunity and one that I credit to setting me down this path of podcasting.

So I've known about Karl for quite sometime and have always been interested. And so thoroughly enjoyed this discussion. Karl made it all the more easy to have a really fun time, because to be honest Karl is kind of all over the place. This is the longest podcast yet and most definitely not filled with fluff.

So sit back and please enjoy this conversation on Karl's story and how he got into ultras, Ultrarunning Magazine itself and how Karl became publisher, and of course Karl's many experiences over the years at the infamous Western States Endurance Run. Including discussions on training, fueling, and gearing up for a 100 mile race. Do you want to become a better runner and a better person? Well please enjoy my discussion with Karl Hoagland as we help you reach that goal!


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