I don't know how many people have heard this phrase, but Freshmen 15 means when kids leave their parents and go to college, alone, they've lost their governor. Leading to the feeling of being "free," ultimately resulting in the highly unwanted outcome of weight gain, the 15 pounds. But, I think that idea of being "free and clear" is a mindset teenagers and young adults get and have. It's something we all have sometimes and a smaller part of a great problem. The fact is that moving along in life we are binary, yes or no, we have a trail that we can and must take that allows us to live the best and most fulfilling life that we can lead or we take a wrong turn and don't follow the honest trail.

Life must follow the honest trail, that is one of the secrets. Today let's think and talk about what your trail is. How do you find it? How do you follow it? Why? Listen up, everyone, today let's work on finding you.

Thank you as always. 


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