"We kind of look at ourselves as like a support crew for nutrition." 

This week I have Jeff Vierling on, he is the founder and creator of Tailwind Nutrition. If you're an ultrarunner or endurance athlete you have probably heard of Tailwind, you might have even heard of it if you aren't any of those things. Jeff's company is small and intimate and they infuse that into every aspect of their product. Because, they are indeed my support crew for nutrition right now. I used Tailwind at my most recent 50k and it is a huge reason of why I felt so good. 

Running is a transformative sport and Tailwind can transform with you. Even if you aren't a runner Tailwind can be useful, as we discuss in the podcast. So listen into today's episode as Jeff and I discuss his creation of the product, the evolution of the company, what his life looks like and how he manages family, the company, and training, and of course the simple journey of it all. If you want to be inspired to go out and push hard listen today, and maybe use some Tailwind when you do!



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