We all can read recipes or look at the produce in the market, but if we don't do anything with it then we aren't going anywhere. Food is not that hard, no matter how hard our society makes it seem to be. It's not that expensive, not that difficult, and not that disgusting. Because, healthy food is not bad food. It is not a punishment. It is not a shake for lunch or counting calories, it is making creative and delicious dishes that are easy and simple. Let's all realize the wonderful attributes of beans, avocado, tofu, kale/spinach, almond/peanut butter, banana, Brussels sprouts/asparagus, berries, lentils, rice/quinoa, cashews, and garlic/onion/turmeric. However, these are just my list of basic foods that can be leveraged into wonderful meals. You must find what you love and make it. There are so many different flavors, colors, styles, and ways to enjoy your health! Let's make it happen.



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