"We've lost so much of ourselves, we've lost track. In nature, if you are in balance, then nature will give you what you need, we need to be better."

-Constantin Le Fou

At the time of the recording of this episode (early-September) I was in a very different place in life. I recorded this episode with Vegan Club founder Constantin Le Fou a few days before I left for college, fear filled my heart. I did not know what college would be like and I could not imagine leaving my family. My family and I are a tribe, but I had to leave them to go study something I wasn't even excited about. I was lost.

Now more than a month later I am again in a very different place. I have begun the process of changing my major to Journalism, something that I am passionate about. In addition, I have fallen in love with the process and built my own routine of peace and adventure. While there is a dichotomy between now and then, this conversation in the heart of Downtown LA gave me a peaceful respite during those weeks of nerves.

I have seen Constantin's work all around Los Angeles, but never knew who was behind Vegan Club, until now. His ability to utilize famous vegans and influencers to begin a conversation on what it means to be vegan is unique. Through street art, apparel, stickers, and more Constantin's graphic designs have shaped the face of Los Angeles and the world. Today's conversation is about conversation. About what it takes to begin conversations that enact lasting, positive change. We delve deep into Constantin's story, his thoughts on meditation, on art, on creativity, and on how we can shape ourselves and those around us for our betters.

Jarod Contreras

VegNews Article: vegnews.com/articles/page.do?pageId=10103&catId=5


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