"People can copy you, but nobody can think like you."

-Elena Shifrina

Recently I dreamed that I was balancing on top of a skyscraper tall ladder, barely balancing and holding on to the skyscraper next to me, yet not falling to my death. I think this speaks to the fact that over the past month and a half I have had to balance many things, familiar and new. That this has been a grand adventure where I am being tested everyday, but I am learning so much and having a fascinating experience.

I think in our busy lives it is always good to hear a new perspective, to hear about someone else's fascinating experiences. This week's episode provides a new perspective on balance and on culture. Elena Shifrina is Russian which made for a captivating discussion. Elena is a former Russian model, former oil company executive, and now a successful vegan entrepreneur. She founded the first and premier healthy (and vegan) snack bar option in Russia, Bio Food Lab's Bite bars. I took the opportunity today to discuss our dichotomous cultures, why she has been vegan since she was a teenager, entrepreneurship in Russia, and veganism in Russia. We also delve into the vanity and pretentiousness inherent in modeling, the competition inherent in the corporate world, making balance, the importance of family, and more. I hope you enjoy.

Jarod Contreras

VegNews Article: vegnews.com/articles/page.do?pageId=10215&catId=5


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