"Even in the darkest of times you've just got to take a step back and be really, really grateful for where you are and what you're doing."

-Lucy Bartholomew

When we look out at our world we can see so many things. We can see death and destruction; we can see laughter and life. Our view of the world is shaped by our own life, whatever that story may be. With so many violent events that have happened recently we wrongfully resort to the exclamation of, "This world is terrible, because it is that persons fault or that persons fault." We get to caught up in pointing fingers that we fail to point the finger at the biggest culprit of all, ourselves.

Lucy Bartholomew has embodied the message that to truly change our world we must positively change ourselves. She is following her truest path. A path that she realized at a very young age, at only 14. I feel a deep camaraderie and connection with Lucy and her story, because there are many parallels. She found running through her dad and he has greatly shaped her life, she began running very young, she is vegan, and she is living truthfully. I hope that you can enjoy this conversation between two very connected souls. In today's we discuss Lucy's story, from feeling lost with an eating disorder to living intentionally through ultrarunning and veganism. We also discuss her relationship with her father, what her training looks like, how we can apply the lessons learned on the trails to everyday life (whether you are a runner or not), living the vegan lifestyle, and more. So whether you have run forever or have never run a foot, this conversation is for everyone, because we are all on our own trail.


Jarod Contreras


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