As the year is close to ending, despite the fact that we may not want to be thinking about a new year, it is important to reflect. Part of my reflection is on what I have used on a day to day basis to facilitate adventure and, even, daily life. Today we are going to applaud the gear that has risen above the rest this year. Gear that allows me to optimally turn idea into reality and move across the land as purely as possible. It is about efficiency, simplicity, and functionality. Before we get started I do want to say three things. (1) This is all gear that I have gotten this year, so not necessarily items that are new this year or released this year. (2) These are my favorites, so this isn't a review with pro's and con's, instead it is simply showing you how incredible these products are. (3) Finally, I am not doing this for any company, I am not being paid, nor are these affiliate links. These are simply products that facilitate awesomeness!

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Jarod Contreras

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