So let's talk about what has happened since Sean O'Brien. It was my first 100k so there was a lot to learn, even afterwards. Last week was a week of rest, relaxation, and recovery. I did not run and I focused greatly on meditation, yoga, and eating well. Making sure I recovered back to 100% was vital and I think I pulled it off pretty well. Recovering by Friday really. The week was tough nonetheless. I faced muscled pain, stomach pain, and great fatigue, but by eating well, meditation, and yoga I think I overcame it all. It has been a nice change to get a week of non-running and rest. Looking forward there are many more adventures to come and I talk about acknowledging your own mistakes so that you can do it better next time. Because you must be able to say who is truly responsible, you, before you can move on and strive for your better. Enjoy!


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