"As we become more in tune to our body and to the moment, it's like we're reborn in every moment." -SriMati

To walk life's journey is to face two things, the good and the bad. To enjoy the best of times and to overcome the obstacles. In my own journey many people have helped me enjoy those best of times and to overcome those obstacles, but one person that holds a high place on my list of influences is Julie Piatt. I have never known her personally until now, but I believe that that speaks even more deeply to her ability to convey motivation, love, dedication, and enlightenment through the written and spoken word. Through her own teachings of food and song.

Srimati has been a motivation to so many more people than I, also. Through her podcast, the Divine Throughline, she shares her accumulated knowledge. Julie is an incredible vegan chef with a sublime understanding of what makes food, food. She is able to capture the simplicity and complexity of the spirit in the dishes that she creates. Art is her forte it seems, or at least her wonderful ability to transfer her soul into what we conventionally call "art." 

SriMati is an individual who holds more than just knowledge, she holds transcendence. Through this conversation I think we transcend just a little bit. The reason that I titled this episode "A Conversation," instead of the usual descriptors that I use, is because this is a wide ranging discussion that does not need to be teased. Just listen. Sit back and enjoy our chat on everything from being a loving and contributing member of a successful family to meditation and death. Transcend what you think you understand.


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