"Stay present, focus on the fleeting beauty of the moment, and let the race create its own experience rather than forcing your expectations/desires onto it."

-Nickademus Hollon

Nickademus Hollon, sometimes known as "Ultrademus," is as tough as they come. He has completed many of the world's hardest races including the Barkley Marathons, Tour de Geants, HURT 100, Badwater 135, and many more. He is a self described specialist in the "world's hardest events" and he has shown that he is time and time again. Because, he also began to run at around 16 I feel a deep camaraderie with Nick, which is why I am honored to chat with him.

Nick holds a deep respect for the events that he has completed and the adventures that he enjoys, this is evident in his love for this sport of ultrarunning and the greater sport of endurance. He is someone who understands what it means to endure for days on end and in this talk we delve into the mind that allows him to do just that. This conversation is about more than racing or running. Our conversation ranges on everything from training and coaching to mindfulness and dedication. I truly hope that you will be motivated by Nick to go out and bring your own magnifying glass to pain. To endure.



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