Since birth I have lived in Los Angeles, I have experienced this city to its core and it has shaped me. You could say that I have lived a stereotypical life, maybe I have, but I do know that it has been one forged by this city. I live in San Pedro, a coastal working class town by the LA Harbor. My town is part of LA city and the port is our livelihood, this breeds close connections and quite honestly a small mindedness in life. I am extremely unique or "odd," whichever word you wish to use, in this town. However, I love San Pedro and Los Angeles. I have many stories to tell and reasons for why I love LA, so listen in as I recount some of my loves and experiences in this town of Los Angeles. The City of the Angels. As well as a discussion on how we can be true to ourselves and our journey amidst the vapidness and pretentiousness of big or small towns. Enjoy!

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