"The things that are really hurting or are really bad, they're that way for everybody. Everybody out there is going to feel that way at some point, even if you are puking your guts out, I guarantee you that there are at least 5 other people puking their guts out too. It's a real sense of community, that you are all doing it together, its really a shared suffering."

-Katie Grossman

From snow covered mountain tops to a cabin in Wrightwood, Katie Grossman is at home in the mountains. Married to Dominic Grossman (Ep. 16 & 67), they recently moved to live permanently in the mountain town of Wrightwood. This move and her recent acceptance to run the Hardrock 100, a brutal race in the Rocky Mountains, has positively upheaved her life. Listen in this week as we discuss mountains and vision quests, hopes and dreams. A wonderful discussion on everything from pain to overwhelming excitement. Please enjoy this delve into the mind of someone who pushes their mind, body, and soul daily.


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