"Food is very emotional, very emotional, but when it comes to meat I think there is this whole power dynamic that is there, but it is invisible."

-Gene Baur

From selling veggie hotdogs out of his VW van at Grateful Dead concerts to being interviewed by Time magazine you could say that vegan activist Gene Baur has lived one crazy life. But, it hasn't been in chase of money, property, or "success." No, Gene has had one goal since his co-founding of Farm Sanctuary, a sanctuary for farm animals, in 1986, he has wanted to save those very same farm animals from the vicious machine of the animal agriculture industry. An industry that looks at living beings as numbers and not as individuals. Well in 1985 Gene went vegan and began to look at these intelligent creatures as individuals and he has been in this fight ever since.

Gene is someone who you can follow and someone who can motivate you to change your ways to live more kindly to yourself, to the animals, and to our world. But, has ego ever gotten in the way of Gene's goals? How do we make change in our youth, because they are the future? What about working class, minority groups? What will this new administration bring for this vegan movement? Today I sit down with Gene and ask him the meaningful questions that go beyond simply his story or his life. Listen in as we discuss these questions, how to make change in our own communities, managing stress, being the example, and so much more! Enjoy.





Photo Credit: Lee Iovino


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