"It was a culmination of the physical injury, but the mental place that I went to was sort of terrible. I said, 'Oh my gosh what am I doing,' and 'I really need to take a step back here.' The body totally reacted to that and I just didn't really respect it."

-Jen Benna

The mind is powerful, it can build and destroy. You could be running a hundred miles or working a stressful job, either way the mind is what makes or breaks the goal. Many times throughout our lives the mind has broken the goal, but the key is to focus on the times where the mind made the goal happen. Jen Benna understands this which, I believe, is partly why she has not only been such a successful athlete, but such a successful person. Jen lives her life to the fullest and understands that to find happiness you do not need to search for Shangri-La, but search right inside yourself. Happiness comes from living your truest life. This week Jen and I discuss what it means to live your truest life, what her story is, how she overcomes challenges, the misconceptions of our society, and the power of the mind. Please enjoy, I know I did!






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