"You stress yourself out that much worrying abut things your body can feel it, you feel more tired and exhausted, because you've been putting yourself through all that mental anguish."

-Gina Lucrezi

What lives in a van, yet kills it on the trails? Gina Lucrezi is who! This girl is tough, no doubt about it, and she is committed to the lifestyle that truly fulfills her. Her and her boyfriend live in a van they call Ramona the Ram, a Ram Promaster that they built out themselves to live out of. It was an adjustment for sure, but as Gina tells it it has been quite an adventure. Along with her running and unique lifestyle Gina also founded Trail Sisters, a community of like-minded, trail running women. On today's episode of the podcast we dig deep into who Gina is, what makes her tick, how she's evolved, and the stories she has. From the mountains of Colorado to the screen of a computer, Gina has made positive changes in our world, let's listen in to see how we can make some of our own.




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