"A big wall climb is much more of a mental game...the whole time your kind of scared and thinking was this even a good idea, should I go down, should I go up, we're going so much slower than we thought, or did we even bring enough food and water. It's not always fun, but then when you actually do get through it it creates this experience that will last with you a really long time."

-Chris McNamara

I, Jarod Contreras, am not a climber, I have dipped my toe into the sport with Boy Scouts and with my family, but I am an ultrarunner first and foremost. That said climbing fascinates me and this coming fall, when I head to college, I will dip more than my toe into climbing. I want to start building a base of knowledge about climbing, so I've been doing research and now I want to talk to people about it.

That is where Chris comes into the picture, I don't really know where I found out about him, but he is the real deal. Chris is a big wall climber, having climbed El Capitan over 70 times and Climbing Magazine estimates that he has spent 3% of his life on El Cap. Chris is also an endurance sport connoisseur, he also mountain bikes and used to BASE jump. To Chris it's about maximizing the time that he can spend outside, he has built a career around that idea. Chris has a wealth of knowledge on all things climbing, but when it comes down to it he does what he loves. That is a maxim that I think our society has forgotten. Listen in this week as Chris and I examine how he does what he loves, what goes into a big wall climb, his entrepreneurship, and a life lived fully. Gracias.










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