For some of us when faced with a society that seems to be against our own values or that seems to ignore our voices we begin to consider change, drastic if necessary. We begin to think on revolution and equality, which are two ideas that seem to disparate, but are not. When I say revolution I do not mean war, I mean change on a societal level. But, in this society the only change we consider is the change to a bigger house or newer car. Our obsession with identity has led us down many dark paths. In this culture that identity is sought after through the material. Through money, houses, cars, jobs, and more, but they are all inherently impermanent. This impermanence scares us, causing us to seek evermore after eternity. Our lives are fueled by falsehoods, but to make real change there has to be truth right?

To truly change a society or to find equality amongst all you must look within. You are not your bank account. You are yourself, but you have built walls around who you truly are. The truest form of revolution is to change yourself. Remember that in our quest for meaningful change. I hope you enjoy.




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