Each generation is called upon to 'change the world,' but hardly anyone does. Why? Because, the 'change' they speak about or try to enact stems from lies. The lies that are the foundation for our society of immediate gratification and material success. Youth are the ones who desire to change the world, because they have a unique perspective on life. They transcend childhood and adulthood, but any change they try to enact usually fails because of its basis. To truly change the world you must be at peace within yourself first. To change yourself you must look within and be at peace there. Fulfillment does not come from without, but from within.

The youth of our world, my generation, are fueled by the material. Most begin a tailspin that leads them right into their graves, because from birth they begin to build walls around who they truly are and never see it. Catching that tailspin early or before it starts is vital, begin breaking down those walls before they are built. In reality whatever age you are at you must begin living your truest life. A fulfilling, well-rounded, peaceful, and healthy life is what we all desire, but we must find it within.






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