There are times in our lives when certain things take over our every thought and desire, but in a society that is culturally obsessed with food an addiction to the immediate gratification provided by processed sugars, grains, carbohydrates, and chemicals is commonplace. This world is addicted to food. That same food we are addicted to is largely pointlessly simplistic and bland. However I have been asked many times, "Isn't that whole vegan thing super bland and boring?"

This is a gross misconception and one that, in today's episode, I work to dispel. A vegan lifestyle is filled with spontaneous creativity and flavor. The flavors, nutrients, colors, and depth of any vegan meal far surpass anything I ate before I was vegan. Before I was vegan it was a piece of chicken and rice, now it is kale lentil curry soup. The lifestyle I now lead is free of the obsession with poisonous foods that I once had and allows me to be the most creative and engaged version of myself. This week let's talk about how lively vegan meals are, how hard this whole college thing will be for me, what experiencing new cultures can bring for you, and more. Please enjoy.


Jarod Contreras



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