"I approached it the exact same way that I do a climbing objective, I started at the bottom."

-Tommy Caldwell

Whether you know only a little about rock climbing, have just barely dipped your toe into its world, or are a dedicated climber then you have heard of Tommy Caldwell. Tommy has been heralded as one of the best rock climbers in the world with impressive first ascents and first free ascents all across the world. He has built a life around climbing since he was a young kid in Colorado and has transformed himself into a machine able to conquer the hardest routes.

Everyone wants to know about Tommy's life 'chapters' like being taken captive by rebels in Kyrgyzstan, losing his left index finger in a table saw accident, or free climbing the Dawn Wall with Kevin Jorgeson in 2015. These are topics that everyone covers with Tommy, along with his life story, if you want to learn more about those topics then buy his book. Today, however, Tommy and I delve deep into his headspace and his drive. We discuss how suffering can shape and teach us, how choosing a life of adventure is supremely fulfilling, how pushing to the edge of what's possible and beyond gives you a deep sense of awe. Today we converse on the importance of family and how living your truest life can be made possible. Specifically today we chat about the father/son relationship. On how that relationship, when forged by discomfort in the outdoors, is forged into one of the strongest and enduring bonds. Both of our fathers have played a vital role in our evolutions as adventurers, so we delve into the father and son's dynamic of spirit. Enjoy.


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