"We're all just trying to make sense of everything in the larger context than the simple act of doing it, but I'm coming back to wanting those moments to simply be the moment that it is."

-Rickey Gates

Over the past few weeks I have been putting a targeted focus on enjoying the simple routine of being at home with my family, because I know that that routine will be turned upside down when I head to college soon. Part of this relaxation has been interviewing some incredible people, one of those people is Rickey Gates. Rickey is truly an adventurer at heart, someone who desires to better understand himself and our world. He recently completed a journey of his own design, TransAmericana, where he ran across America. Yes, all 3,657 miles of it and in 152 days.

I am honored to have been able to have sat down with Rickey and have a wonderful discussion. Today's discussion is about more than just TransAmericana. We of course discuss the before, during, and after of that journey, but we also delve deep into his life and evolution as an athlete. Discussing how he tells stories and the importance of storytelling. We also examine his journey into meditation, its impact on his day to day life, and the importance of staying present. One common theme amongst our discussion is the value and importance of connecting with our world, the cultures, the countries, and the people within it. I truly hope you enjoy today's discussion and that we can all learn something from Rickey's words.


Jarod Contreras







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