"Is there anything that I can do more to better myself today?"

-Jared Simons

This past weekend my family drove up to San Luis Obispo Cal Poly, which is where I will be attending college, and I felt a rush of emotions. At dinner I broke down and cried, not for the first time in the past few weeks either, realizing yet again that I have no idea how I am going to do this. My family makes me so happy that I could easily live with them forever. I am scared of what's to come and what I am leaving behind. However, my family helped me to understand that this is a grand new adventure where I can find my independence, grow as a person, and learn. Also they are not that far away. With that confidence and knowledge I hope to better manage the next few weeks.

Speaking of managing I think this week's guest is a perfect compliment. Jared Simons is the chef at No Name, founder of Whitechapel Soap Co., is vegan, and is an Ironman athlete. My dad found Jared on Instagram and we both thought that he would be a great guest on the show. Sadly I couldn't meet Jared in person for dinner before I left, so we had to do the show on Skype so please excuse any weird sounds or glitches. Now Jared is someone who is deeply dedicated to what he does, whether that is cooking, training, or making soap. That is what so intrigues me about him. Today we discuss Ironman, training, how coaching is beneficial, balancing training and cooking, his story, how he failed at putting health as a priority when beginning his career as a chef, how he became vegan, meal recommendations, John Joseph's Positive Mental Attitude, and more. Please enjoy this episode of intrigue into the life of Jared Simons.


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