For so long my life has been ruled by the act of throwing emotions into a pit and slamming a lid on top of that pit. I have always been known as the "serious" person, the person who smiles a little and frowns a little. In elementary school I was quiet and largely solitary, in middle school I built up a wall of seriousness to combat bullying, and I carried over that serious attitude into high school. Throughout my whole life I have always done my best to keep an even keel on my emotions, believing that that was a positive thing. Up until very recently.

Due to the multitude of emotions that I have had to accept over the past few weeks during the lead up to and execution of my move to college, I have come to a revelation: that emotion is a tool. That similar to how failure is a wise teacher, so to is emotion. That is today's exploration. Enjoy. 


Jarod Contreras

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