"I very much read to have that experience of identifying across different perspectives and different cultures, which generally happens through literature. The characters could be people that you would never meet in normal life, but they could be having the same emotions or experiences that I have internally. It reaffirms the universality of the human condition."

-Anton Krupicka

We choose how we interpret the world, as such we can interpret positive things as negative or vice versa. Today I am honored to sit down and converse with Anton Krupicka. A name that holds many stereotypes and preconceptions associated with it. Arrogance might be a strong word to even associate with this name, but Anton is someone who is confident in his abilities. The adventures he pursues through that confidence can be perceived as arrogant or dancing to far to one side on a knife's edge of safety and caution. Over the years people have perceived and been, either negatively or positively, shaped by Anton's actions. However, if Anton is anything, he is nothing but truthful. That truthfulness combined with his adventures has been the basis for many an assumption and opinion of Anton Krupicka.

In today's episode I sought to transcend the stereotype, preconceptions, and associations related to Anton Krupicka. This conversation is more than just about running or even the mountains. Today Anton and I delve into a subject that has been rarely discussed with him, reading. We explore his motivations for his voracious reading, how he has been shaped by books, the importance of reading, how reading connects you with our world, and much more. The mountains may fuel Anton's day, but he begins each of those days with a book. The simplicity in routine and dedication are beautiful things, so let's explore those and more today with Anton Krupicka.


Jarod Contreras







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