To Coco,

I miss you. Quite simply, Coco, you were a shining light in my life and you were part of my evolution. It has been less than a week since you disappeared and I still can't imagine a life without your meow, your purr, your eyes, and your light. You were a cat like no other and I truly hope that you are sleeping in the sun right now, not in pain or fear. If you are to come back to us, to your family that loves you and keeps you safe, then you will, and so will we, find love, peace, and happiness again. However, if this is your time, and you have stepped out of our lives, then so be it. I will take this emotion and pain as a lesson, as a teacher. I will remember you. I will honor you. I will love you. For Coco you have been, and always will be...our love.

With Love and Memory,

Jarod Contreras

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