What's the point? Why do all of it for a seemingly meaningless result? Why? These are questions that have surfaced many a time in our lives. As a college student these are questions that have been asked of me by a multitude of my friends. Friends wishing they could be out in the "real" world, friends who are bored and angered by classes, friends who wish they took a gap year to "grow," and friends who want to drop out. These qualms arise in the biased and insulated life that we lead as college students, but these are qualms and questions, in different forms, that arise in everyone's life.

We wonder what a different life would be like. We hope for it, even. However, today I want to discuss a solution to these issues that is simple in its idea, but difficult in its execution: change your perspective. Whether it is changing your perspective about the situation you live in or changing your perspective about what you are capable of, it is possible. Remember, as well, that the person that you identify as is usually a limiting perspective. You are not just a mom, a dad, a Democrat, a Republican, a vegan, a yogi, a runner, a writer, an employee, a boss, or whatever else your immediate identification and association is. We are varied, layered, and deep, we must recognize that. As such, our ability to adapt is inherent within us. Instead of looking at each situation as a wall in your path, look at it as a challenge, yes, but a challenge that is a teacher. A teacher that will provide you the opportunity to do your best, therefore subsequently learning and growing always.

With Gratitude,

Jarod Contreras

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