"The government has been blocking information like this [a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle], it's been controlled. We're all guinea pigs! The dietary guidelines have been framed by the industry and that's disgusting. They don't want radical change like this!"

-Dr. T. Colin Campbell

There are people who affect change and there are people who make change. Dr. T. Colin Campbell has, throughout his storied and lengthy career, revolutionized our perceptions as a society of what it means to care for our bodies. His groundbreaking book, The China Study, showed the world that a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle not only prevents cancer and other disease, but reverses them! From growing up on a dairy farm to number one proponent of eating plants, Dr. Campbell has been shaped by his researche and has shaped the world with it.

However, this show has never been strictly about my guest's stories, it is not an audio biography. I am fascinated by what makes my guests tick, what makes them who they are, and what makes them persevere to be the paradigm breakers that they are. Today I am an honored to delve into that with Dr. Campbell in our discussion on four main things. We converse deeply on the resistance Dr. Campbell faced to his research, the state of our medical and scientific establishment, the control of that establishment by industry and politics, and that this lifestyle (a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle) is possible. This conversation will motivate you to realize that a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle is the wisest choice to honestly better yourself and follow your truest path.

Om shanti,

Jarod Contreras

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