“A lot of the work is giving enough to get them curious and willing to look inside and see.”

-Jessica Morey

Youth is a nebulous and intimidating concept to some, especially the farther one moves away from it. However, this week’s guest, Jessica Morey, embraces youth, despite the fact she is not one herself anymore, and works to give back. Jessica has spent a lifetime meditating, she began when she was 14, and now spends her days teaching teenagers how to meditate. That fact, coupled with her passion for the task, fascinated me and so I asked her on the show. Teenagers, and young people in general, are a unique group, I know seeing as how I am one, and a group that society typically misunderstands. However, today Jessica and I sit down to go deep into her story, how she found meditation, how teens aren’t as confusing or mysterious as one might think, and that teens too can and do benefit deeply from meditation. I hope our conversation today provides you perspective on what meditation can do for you.


Jarod Contreras

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