“Sometimes the mind limits us, when in reality we can do a whole lot more than we really believe we can.”

-Kristian Morgan

Many times in life various pieces fall together, often by complete surprise, to create something beautiful. As I always try to tell the stories of people from all aspects of society who are bettering themselves, I was intrigued when Kristian Morgan reached out to me suggesting we chat. Kristian will attempt to break the Appalachian Trail FKT (Fastest Known Time), currently held by Karel Sabbe, on July 1st, 2019. Beyond this attempt, he is an accomplished ultrarunner in his own right, having completed the Tor Des Geants, UTMB, Marathon Des Sables, Rhonda Del Cims, and more. Kristian and I sat down over Skype, using the magic of the internet to chat across an ocean and continent because he is located in London. Kristian and I explored his story with running, how long, tough races like Tor De Geants have shaped him, how to learn from failure, how to apply the lessons we learn from endurance to other aspects of our lives, the benefits of being present, keeping your body healthy, goal setting, fear, and much more.


Jarod Contreras

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