Life rarely, if ever, turns out exactly the way one expects it to. Often the case is that it turns out completely opposite to your expectations. 2018 was a year that, for me, turned out completely opposite to my expectations. This year held the highest of highs and lowest of lows for me, but through it all, I realized two key aspects of personal betterment. The first is to embrace the personal growth that comes with facing the unexpected, which this year held a lot of for me. The second is to embrace the fact that change is a constant which, despite the paradoxical-sounding nature of that statement, means that we are never the person we were a year ago or will be a year from now. Personal change is an important aspect of life, if we steer that change in a positive direction. Learning that has been this year’s journey. Today I delve into the ups and downs of this year to illustrate those points. Happy New Year!


Jarod Contreras

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