“Failure is a state of mind.”

-Edwin Ettinghausen

The ability to endure harsh challenges on a consistent basis and the ability to embrace those harsh challenges as not only an opportunity for growth, but also as plain fun, is a rare combination, but Edwin “The Jester” Ettinghausen has it. Ed is a staple of the ultrarunning scene and is well-accustomed to the art of endurance running: he has run 173 100-mile (or longer) races in his lifetime and in 2014 he ran 41 in a calendar year. Beyond his running ability, Edwin is a wise man who can coherently translate the skills he’s learned in running into daily life and talk about how he does that. In today’s episode we take a wide-ranging approach to delve into all aspects of Edwin’s story, his views on the approaches one should take to challenge, how to overcome failure, learning from the past, engaging with others, and the mindset behind living a life where one betters themselves consistently.


Jarod Contreras

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