"You're only taking one lap and then that's that, so you might as well have fun."

-Luis Escobar

Surrounding all great stories there is a thick mist of lore. The tale of a 2006 adventure in the Copper Canyons immortalized in the book Born to Run by Christoper McDougall is no exception. Luis Escobar was an integral part of that party that traveled to the Barrancas del Cobre and the story from that undertaking told in Born to Run has shaped my life. However, my excitement and gratitude for Luis making time to chat does not stem from that book. It stems from Luis as an individual.

This is not a conversation only on Born to Run, it is a conversation on and with Luis. It was an honor to run with Luis and friends for 12 miles before we recorded this discussion. That run gave me a more intimate perspective on who Luis is, his passion, honesty, and grit. Today's exchange covers the art, culture, and influence of photography, ultrarunning (specifically Luis's time at the Tahoe 200), Born to Run's affects, the death of Caballo Blanco, Luis's Born to Run ultras, and so much more. So for a fascinatingly unique perspective on what it means to run and live truly, take a listen now!


Jarod Contreras

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