"It's the silence in between the noise that's important."

-Pete McBride

I have dreams. You have dreams. We have dreams. There is always something in the future that we wish to have in our grasp now and there is always something from the past that we wish we never had in our grasp. Today’s guest, Pete McBride, embodies the life that I dream of living, however he embodies so much more than a selfish goal. Pete is a self taught photographer, filmmaker, writer, and public speaker who uses his skills to uniquely focus on a topic that may seem saturated, but is in fact in dire need of attention: freshwater. 

Recently Pete has turned his attention to his own backyard and to his own river, the Colorado River, while also documenting the state of rivers across the globe. He decided to hike the length of the Grand Canyon (roughly a 700 mile long trek) to increase awareness on the Park’s developmental pressures. This is a noble goal focusing on an area that holds a special place in my heart, which drew me to Pete in the first place. Throughout today’s discussion we cover Pete’s evolution as a storyteller and person, we delve deep into his adventure in the Big Ditch, the beauty of endurance and silence, the importance of water, and, as always, storytelling.

With intent,

Jarod Contreras

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