As you know all too well, each of us are impacted by the people around us. That influence can be negative or positive, depending on the person performing the influencing. In every interaction we are shaped by those around us and I have recently been positively shaped by my Soil Science professor. I was continually amazed while taking Soil Science 121 with Dr. Appel at how often soil went unnoticed in my life before taking this class. Soil is, almost quite literally, beneath my feet everyday and with every step, yet I never considered its importance. Throughout this class I was fascinated with the nuances and intricacies of soil and with its massive influence over our world at large. That fascination was largely fueled by Dr. Appel's effusive love for the science of soil. Dr. Appel reminded me what it was like to have a teacher who is passionate about his or her subject, of which teachers I have had only a few. Today I want to delve into, and begin a conversation about, what it means to have passion for your work and how that passion can so positively influence the lives of those around you.

Om shanti,

Jarod Contreras 

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