In our society, specifically American society and culture, we treat death as something that should be kept behind closed doors. Yet our entertainment is largely populated by brutal depictions of death. There is a blatant dichotomy in our relationship to death and that separation leads us to have trouble dealing with it. Death must become an opportunity for growth and for celebration. To celebrate the life of the deceased is to honor them, to become chained by your sorrow is to dishonor them. I believe to best process death we must bond with those around us through laughter, smiles, and conversation. Today's episode is an examination of the positive and negative aspects of our society's relationship to death and all of the baggage, ritual, and custom that come with it. Today, begin to think deeply about the paradigm around death, how we can break that paradigm, and add our humanity back into death.

Muchas gracias,

Jarod Contreras

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