"I'm not gonna quit, because shit hurts."

-Eric Johnson

There are certain people out there in the world who show up so often in my Instagram feed that I feel like I know them very well, but yet I've never met them. Eric Johnson is one of those people and I decided it was high time he came on the show. Eric and I met in person, after I reached out to him on Insta, last weekend at the Born to Run Ultramarathon Extravaganza. That event is a sight to behold and a story I will tell next week in a unique, unusual podcast episode. This week, however, is for Eric. Eric is someone who clearly demonstrates the ideal I hold dear: to work each day to better ourselves. Through social media, and then when I met him in person and saw him run, I could see that he exemplified the benefits of commitment and honesty. Those traits are why I wanted to sit down and chat with him long form. As always, our conversation is a wide ranging discussion on everything from Eric's tale and his love story with running to endurance and finding peace amongst pain to building routine, recovering from injury, and being proactive in cross-training. Please enjoy.

Muchas gracias amigos,

Jarod Contreras

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