"Not failing is the real failure."

-Cedar Wright

Humor and pain are two aspects of life not commonly associated, yet there is someone out there who not only associates them, but magically combines them. Cedar Wright has built his career not on being the best, but on being able to suffer more than the best. Through his tenacity he built a sustained, adventure fueled life filled with an uncanny ability to tell honest stories. Cedar pulls back the curtain on what it means to endure in the mountains through his films. Cedar is a rock climber, a paraglider, a storyteller, and so much more. This dude is a prime example of what a life can be built when we live and act truthfully to ourselves. Following our path is something we all strive to do, Cedar follows his everyday. Today sit back and relax as Cedar and I delve into what it means to fail, how to use humor as a tool, living truthfully, finding honesty, telling stories, relationships, reading, planning (or the lack thereof), and a few stories of wild eyed adventure.

Muchas gracias amigos,

Jarod Contreras

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