Family is a curious thing and when we lose a family member it is even curiouser. A week ago my grandmother passed away. Today's episode is an examination of my emotion within and about the loss of my grandma. Maria-Luz Contreras died at 85 years old and she was someone who always, without question, loved and supported me. She was my biggest fan. Her life was fraught with challenge and sorrow, so I have asked myself if she was ever happy even though I know I can never know for sure. Three of her four children and her guilt chained her. She fought an internal battle over her health, peace, and happiness. All I can trust in is that she loved me and I loved her. She is now at peace and with me, I know. I will honor her by doing my best, staying true to myself, and loving those around me.

Muchas gracias & om shanti,

Jarod Contreras

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