"You really have to face yourself."

-Morgan Hope Sjogren

A self-described dirt barbie Morgan Hope Sjogren, also known as Mo or Running Bum, is an adventure fueled storyteller par excellence. I first discovered Mo through Instagram and was fascinated by her ability to convey her love for the desert, mountains, canyons, and valleys in photography and in words. She is a professional writer who continually displays her knack for translating the complexity of nature onto the page. I met Mo at the Born to Run Ultras where she ecstatically agreed to come on the show. We are wide-ranging today as we discuss keeping sane in a hectic life, finding peace in the outdoors and in discomfort, the running family, the concept of "women in the outdoors," being active political and social citizens of this planet, and storytelling. Do enjoy!

Muchas gracias amigos,

Jarod Contreras

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