“I find comfort in uncomfortable situations.”

-Tyler Tomasello

Someone who, when it’s summer, actively seeks out time to camp and tell stories instead of staying inside is someone that I want to talk to. Tyler Tomasello is that someone. Whether he is in Afghanistan running with a women’s ultrarunning team or at the Born to Run Ultramarathons, he is always looking for a way to convey the emotion he sees around him. We met at the Born to Run Ultras where it was immediately apparent to me his love for being in touch with nature. What fascinates me about Tyler is his simplicity, in life, photo, and words, that he uses to impart such passion. Today Tyler and I discuss the art of storytelling, connecting with people and other cultures, finding peace in the outdoors, fueling our bodies right, community, travel, learning from discomfort, and more. Enjoy!


Jarod Contreras

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