"I'm always seeking happiness."

-Maria Walton

I believe Maria Walton's spirit name of La Mariposa encapsulates her personality: simple, free, and kind. Maria may be best known for being the girlfriend of Micah True, known as Caballo Blanco in the bestseller Born to Run, in the few years leading up to his sudden death in 2012. However, Maria is so much more than just a girlfriend of some guy in a book. Maria embodies the ideal so often discussed on this show: to live a life as true to yourself as possible. She does not distract herself with materialism or ego, instead she lives a simple life fueled by nature, running, and community. Those topics turn out to be the common threads of discussion in today's episode. Maria and I delve into her relationship with Micah, her story, the community forged by running, reconnecting with nature, living a fulfilled life, minimalism, and the pure love for running free.

Muchas gracias amigos,

Jarod Contreras

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