"That's the ticket: putting energy into it, even when no one else can see it."

-Lynsey Dyer

Humans have an uncanny ability to connect and converse with people of wildly different backgrounds, because when it comes down to it we all share a common experience. Today's guest is many things, mainly known as a big mountain skier and filmmaker, and while I may not do those two things Lynsey Dyer and I still connected and conversed. I believe that whatever sport, focus, or job that we do, if we do it with intent, good will come of it. Lynsey is a prime example of that sentiment and coupled with the fact that she has lived her life breaking paradigms, she was a perfect guest for the show. Our conversation is barely concerned with the mountains or even storytelling, instead we explore the mindset and spiritual side of things. Today we delve into growing up, finding purpose, finding yourself, and staying true to yourself. All topics not often discussed, on this show nor in life, so it was a special treat to have Lynsey share her thoughts on them. Enjoy!


Jarod Contreras

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