“It doesn’t matter what happens to us, it only matters what you do about it.”

-Charlie Engle

Charlie Engle has been called many things, but behind all of the judgments and snap assumptions that people have thrown at him there is a wise and fascinating man. I have known about Charlie for quite awhile now, but only recently realized how perfect of a guest he would be. He was excited to come on the show and to be honest with you this episode is not about Charlie's story. If you want to know his story, from crack addiction to Running the Sahara to prison and more, then read his incredible memoir Running Man. Today is about Charlie's head: how he endures what he puts himself through, how he found acceptance of prison, how he learned from addiction, and who Charlie, the real Charlie, is. I am honored that I was able to sit down with him today, we had a long conversation that could have gone on for hours more. As always we are wide-ranging in this episode as we delve into Charlie's next expedition, his mindset towards prison & addiction, learning from suffering, embracing challenge, and so much more.

Om shanti,

Jarod Contreras

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