“If you remove borders, we’re all the same.”

-Daniel Almazán Klinckwort

Aire Libre founders Eme Morato (left), Daniel Almazán Klinckwort (middle), and Mauricio Díaz (right).

Aire Libre founders Eme Morato (left), Daniel Almazán Klinckwort (middle), and Mauricio Díaz (right).

Three key focuses of my life, indeed of what I do here on Touching the Trail, are nutrition, spirituality, and endurance. As such, I was fascinated when I heard about Aire Libre, a retreat hosting and storytelling company based in Mexico City. Aire Libre host retreats in Mexico, with plans to expand their offerings to other parts of the world soon, that combine running, native spiritual wisdom, whole food, and spirituality. I first heard about Aire Libre through my friend Hakim Tafari. Ironically Daniel, co-founder of Aire Libre, reached out to me. I invited him on the podcast to talk about his story and what he and his friends, as Aire Libre began simply as friends who love to run wanting to share an adventure, have built. Today’s episode delves into what Aire Libre is, how ancient native spiritual wisdom can benefit us today, using running as a tool for personal peace and for political change, engaging with the land around us, learning from our pasts, building community, living truthfully, ritual, reading, and more.


Jarod Contreras

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