There are often times in our lives, I definitely know there have been in mine, where we let the stressors and responsibilities that surround us control us. Often that situation stems from losing balance, from putting too much focus on one thing and then, when something unexpected emerges, we become overwhelmed. This simple equation has played a major role in my life over my time in college, so going into this new quarter I have realized the importance of making balance a priority. One way of doing that, I have come to recognize, is by broadening my horizons and exploring the aspects of myself that I have not before. By being unafraid to try new things beyond the horizon of my comfort zone I may very well find something new that provides me supreme happiness. Exploring this complexity is a way to help teach yourself more and more who you truly are and what honestly fulfills you, by doing so you learn where to place your time, energy, and focus. Join me today in examining this technique for finding balance.


Jarod Contreras

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